IP Routing Done Right

Quality, dependability, and real-time functionality.  The SGS ipDirector is the answer to quality IP signal handling at a reasonable cost.  ipDirector provides assurance that you can control IP signal routing if your ISP is offline or if you change to a new carrier.  ipDirector provides an independently sourced IP address that can belong to your business!  No reliance on your ISP.  No problem if you change business carriers.  SGS will procure and manage part or all of an ARIN block (256 addresses) and use multiple ISP carriers to assure the highest reliability available.

ipDirector Service Standards

  • Open Ports per IP Address
  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • BGP routing provides best routing and realtime failover
  • Fully Redundant Data Centers (East and West)
  • Two Tier-1 Carriers at Each Data Center
  • Optional IP address range blocking (foreign addresses)
  • Firewall and IDS Protection
  • IP Addressing Based on Customers' Requirements
  • 24/7 Customer Service and Support

Other Providers Service Standards

  • Single Port per IP Address
  • No Portability
  • No Real-Time Failover
  • No Monitoring
  • Limited ISP based support
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